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What Is This All About?

We are a free and non-profit operation that brings vintage technology products to events and conference across the country.  We allow you to experience the joys of technology from the past!  Visitors are free to use many of the vintage computers and gadgets in our collection. Be sure to check our schedule for dates and locations.

Vintage Computers

Commodores, Apple, Texas Instrument...

Classic Video Games

Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo...

Old Computer Accessories

Punch Cards, Floppies, Tape Drives...

Old Computer Magazines

BYTE Magazine, PC Magazine, ...

Items In Our Collection

Mobile Museum of Vintage Technology

Atari 2600, Commodore, Intellivision, TRS-80, Apple, floppy disk, dot matrix, Colecovision, Oregon Trail, PACMAN, Donkey Kong:  Were these the cutting edge gadgets of your youth? Your parents youth?  Do you want to experience them again, or for the first time?  Well we certainly want you to, but  need your help to preserve these important icons and make them available for use by the public.  Please think about donating to our museum...

This free hands on museum of retro technology will be made available at computer shows, conferences, and schools for use by the public. Parents will have the opportunity to show their children the technology they used growing up and enjoy it together. Retro Technology geeks can play the games of yesteryear, and use 9600 baud modems with Vic 20s, Apple IIe, TRS-80s, and more to connect to the internet.  Get your children and America's youth interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) by introducing them to the golden age of technology.

All donations will be used to transport, acquire and restore old technology, including computers, video games, electronics, and more.


Thomas D.
Tech Speaker

That was some trip down memory lane!  Loved the displays and old magazines

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